19 June, 2009

How do i Connect to my iPhone or iPod Touch?

Posted in Rantings at 3:35 am by Leon

Ill assume that you have openssh already pre-installed on your iphone/ipod touch. If you havent done it already, jailbreak your iphone/jailbreak your ipod touch and install cydia on it. By using Cydia, install openssh on your iphone/ipod touch.

If you have no idea what im talking about, google “jailbreak ipod touch” or “jailbreak iphone”

After that you can access your iphone/ipod touch file system either through wireless net or through USB.

Connect via WI-FI

To connect, on Session tab of WinSCP Login dialog specify:

* IP address of your iPhone/iPod Touch into Host name (You will find the IP address, if you go to yours iPhone/iPod Touch menu Settings > Wi-Fi and choose the network you are using);
* root into User name;
* alpine or dottie (depends on firmware version) into Password;
* You may need to set longer Server response timeout on Connection tab;
* Keep default SFTP File protocol;
* Click Login.

Connect via USB

* Install iPhone Tunnel Suite on your computer (it ships with WinSCP, so you do not need to install it separately);
* Connect iPhone/iPod to your computer via USB;
* Run iPhone Tunnel Suite;
* Click iPhone Tunnel in iPhone Tunnel Suite menu;
* Launcher starts, keep it running;
* Click WinSCP in iPhone Tunnel Suite menu;
* On Stored Session tab of WinSCP Login dialog select pre-configured “iPhone” session;
* Click Login.

Thats pretty much it, you can download winscp from here http://winscp.net/eng/download.php


20 April, 2009

How to transfer funds from Paypal to CIBC/RBC ?

Posted in Rantings at 12:43 am by Leon

Firstly Paypal will ask you for an account number, a transit number and an institution code.

You need to call your bank, and ask them for:

ACCOUNT NUMBER (7 to 12 digit number)

TRANSIT NUMBER (usually 5 digits)

and INSTITUTION CODE (3 digit number).

The Institution code for CIBC is 010

Here are some INSTITUTION CODES for Canadian banks:
001 – Bank of Montreal = BMO
002 – ScotiaBank
003 – Royal Bank of Canada
004 – Canada Trust = TD Bank
006 – National Bank of Canada
010 – CIBC = Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
016 – HSBC Bank Canada
177 – Bank of Canada
260 – Citibank of Canada
309 – Citizens Bank of Canada
614 – ING Bank of Canada

Usually an account number is like this (this one is RBC):

00334-51-08410 00334 is the transit number, and the remaining the account number

So, since it is RBC, you’d enter this info in paypal:

Institution Code: 003

Transit: 00319

Account #: 5108410

Usually you can call your bank and just ASK them for this info (you can also check on online-banking if you have it set up). The number to you bank is on the back of your debit card.

On a cheque, you can find the same info, it’s written like this: [ transit number ] [ institution code ] [ account number ]

9 June, 2008

Ipod : Engraving the Behind !

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I am planning on buying an Ipod, and the concept of having something engraved on the back is really really great 🙂 I have been thinking and searching for ideas on what to engrave.

In case you are searching for ideas on what to engrave, look no further. I have collected quite a few. I hope you like them.

And please Add on if you think you have better ones !!

WARNING: Can kill your social life

I think therefore I download

Where words fail, music speaks

Without music, life is a journey through a desert.

Music is the universal language of mankind.

My parents went to the Mac Expo, and all I got was this lousy iPod

iThink. iTunes. iDownload

story of my iLife:
iTunes, iLike, iDownload.

my other one is a PowerBook or
my big brother is a PowerBook
G5, iMac, etc…

this iPod cost more than my
60(40/20/15)GB music collection

Feed Me.

I am full…
and it was for free!!!

well… hello there…
ohh… that’s my reflection

this side down

I download music from Limewire iTunes!

I sOld mY bRAiN fOr IPoD!

Property of: Ned Flanders

Have you washed your hands?

This groove is trippy

“i would wash my hands now, if i was you.”

“Turn Me Over And
Rub Your Thumb All Over Me”

Live. Love. Rock.
Enjoy !!

31 May, 2008

Will An Airplane Crash if its engines fail ??

Posted in Rantings at 10:12 pm by Leon

Recently after a very unpleasant aeroplane flight, i was wondering, would a jet plane crash if its engines fail ? Or rather would an aeroplane blow up in mid air ??

No doubt travelling by air is the safest means to fly. Actually my little bit of research found out that airplane engines are really really very safe, and having multiple engine failure at the same time is extremely air (note that most commercial planes fly with atleast 2 engines) In any case, if a multiple engine failure does occur, its mostly because of human error !

And when an engine failure does occur, a plane will not just drop out of the sky. That happens only in cartoons i guess ! Instead the laws of aerodynamics should apply and then the plane should glide down safely. If a plane does lose engine power, while cruising at normal speed and altitude, you’re probably going to land safely. So no fears about that

Actually the chance of multiple failures is so rare that they will most probably happen once every 10 years !

The most dangerous time to lose engine power is during take off and during landing. During take off, in most cases there is nowhere to land except in the adjoining city. And during landing, in most cases if engine power is lost the plane will land short of the runway

But again no fears, the chances of that happening are even more remote !

24 May, 2008

Nike/Adidas/Reebok/Puma/Fila ??!!??

Posted in Rantings at 8:53 am by Leon

I was searching for an answer to the following question. Its no big deal that all the big brands have half their factories in India, China, and other south asian countries. And then they also have a few factories in Canada, the US and some other European countries.

But I was wondering,does the country of manufacture play an important role in determining the quality of the product ?

I do know the company affirms that it has one quality, one standard worldwide, but would it be wrong to assume that the quality of the raw materials available in Canada/USA be much better than those in China/India ??

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